Are Escorts Legal in Las Vegas, NV?


Our escorts are fully licensed and legal to operate in Las Vegas, NV. However you should know: Prositution is ILLEGAL in Clark County, where Las Vegas resides. In fact in any County with a population over 700,000, brothels are NOT allowed. This is a big misconception of many people that travel to Las Vegas. Escorts on the other hand, are legal. You are legally allowed to pay a beautiful woman to spend time with you. What happens between two consulting adults in a private setting is between them. So, what does that mean? If you call up a service and start asking pricing for explicit services and they give you the price and a girl shows up and performs a sexual act, that’s prostitution. And it’s illegal. If you find a beatiful escort and call her up and politely ask the rate for her time and you come to an agreement, that’s ok. And when she shows up she’s the most gorgeous woman you have ever seen, that’s ok too. And if you have the best night of your life spending time with your new friend, you’re welcome. So please don’t call with explicit talk, it’s illegal and we adhere to the law.

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